Monday, April 24, 2006

Here we go...

I've got an hour until Blogger goes down, and I've got a gazillion things to talk about. So, let's get started, shall we?

First, I'm not going to be doing a sock update today. There's too much other stuff to talk about, so you're just going to have to wait. We've got a bunch of great socks, so I'm going to try to get to them in the next couple days, promises!

If any of you have been wondering where the heck I've been for the past four days, we were in La-La Land on a mini-vacation. It turned out to be one of those vacations where you feel like you need a couple days off when you get home to recover! It didn't help that we had to leave at 6:40 am on Thursday and got back last night at 10:25...

So. Thursday morning, we dragged the kids out of bed and off to the airport at the ungodly hour of 5:30 am. They were good little troupers on the plane and we had our exhausted selves in the rental car at around 11 am. We decided to hit the beach for a bit, since we were right there. We hopped on the 405, drove by the old place in Manhattan Beach (it's still there, looking dumpy as ever - we were half expecting it to be torn down and a gazillion-dollar mansion built in its place), and headed to Uncle Bill's for a pancake breakfast. So good! Then down the street to Starbucks and the pier.

Then, it was off to our friends' place in the Valley for a little r&r. They've got a wonderfully remodeled ranch house in Northridge and just built a gorgeous pool in the backyard along with a sport court. Talk about kid paradise!

Little kid AND big...

Friday morning, we packed up the family truckster and headed to Disneyland. First, we stopped by our favorite breakfast place in Santa Monica only to find it had turned into something else. So sad! We didn't want to take our chances with the new place, so we went to IHOP instead. IHOP never disappoints...

We got back in the car and headed south.

Here's the family enjoying the traffic on the I-5.

When we got to the Magic Kingdom, our first stop (after the restrooms) was the teacup ride. A good time was had by all.

Next, we headed to the carousel.

Then we waited in line over an hour with two cranky kids to ride the flying Dumbos. I guess you could say WE were a couple of flying dumbos to do that to ourselves, but Sydney LOVED it. Here she is, in full-on tantrum mode, after being bodily dragged off the ride by Bill.

Quite the display, no? We finally got her calmed down and wandered around for awhile before riding It's A Small World twice, eating dinner in the New Orleans section, riding the train around the park and getting the heck out of there. What a day! The kids really enjoyed themselves (other than the fact that Sydney didn't think we should ever have to wait in line or get off the rides and had many, many tantrums to that effect...), but we were completely exhausted.

On Saturday, I broke free of the loved ones and met up with some fellow knitbloggers (Jillian, Khris and Jen) for a day of yarny fun. It was so great meeting these ladies in person for some yarn fondling, stash enhancement, Bush-bashing and knitting in public.

Well, Blogger is going down in 10, so even though I have many more pictures to share along with some other stuff, this post is TO BE CONTINUED...


Blogger Zonda said...

Sounds like a very busy weekend! Glad you got some yarny fun are a brave woman and survived D-Land with the little ones! :)

4:41 PM  
Anonymous Helene said...

like i told you earlier - i have april socks :)

4:43 PM  
Anonymous jillian said...

Yarny fin aside - it sure looks like you made the most of your trip! Glad you all got back safe and sound.

It was so great to meet you in person! I'm always down for some good old-fashioned Bush-bashing. I hope we get to do it again sometime :)

5:34 PM  
Blogger aija said...

OMG, am I terrible to laugh at the tantrum? We just had one of those today in the middle of the market...

I also dig your baby carrier. I use a mom and me, a kangaroo korner, a chic papoose and a kozy carrier... :) have been using them since birth (+ 2 years) and they're still so perfect for us.

Looks like you guys had a great time!!

6:15 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

Ahhh, tantrums. Not sure if I miss those or not.....8 year old "tantrums" might be worse! :)
That box of sock yarn is lovely! And I'm totally jealous that I missed all the Bush-bashing!
Sounds like y'all had a great time! But the real question is - do you need a vacation to recover from your vacation? :)

7:57 PM  
Blogger Sonya said...

Sounds like you had a great time, tantrum notwithstanding. Those pics will come in handy someday. "Sydney, do I need to get out the tantrum pictures and show them to your friends?" ;o)

2:46 AM  
Blogger Amy from Ezekiel's Garden said...

Great sock yarn!!!

And I, too, am digging your carrier. I got a Sutemi when Timex was a toddler (after borrowing a friend's Ergo for a few days), and I love it. I still use it today with Short Stuff, and I'm thinking he's going to get to try my back soon. Gotta love the carriers, eh?

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Kelli said...

So is this what *Aunt* Kelli has to look forward to this summer when I visit my almost-4 nephew in Japan for a Disneyland Tokyo trip? Yeah! I just hope I have a camera to catch the tantrum. Blackmail material for later years...

11:46 AM  

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