Friday, May 05, 2006

Yesterday was haircut day

After a session of hysterical crying and carrying on before school yesterday morning, I was convinced that it was time for Sydney's beautiful long hair to go. It was a terrifying process, let me tell you! But, since we don't need a little dreadlocked Crystal Gayle on our hands, I took the scissors in hand and snipped away.



I was so happy how her haircut turned out! She's just adorable - I think it's actually a lot cuter than her old hairstyle, although her hair was absolutely gorgeous. Brushing her hair before school this morning was an absolute dream.

It's pretty funny, because Sydney looks exactly like I did at that age. And now she really looks like me, since I had a very similar haircut back then. My mom is going to freak out when she sees her in a couple weeks (she's flying out for Memorial Day weekend).

Owen is currently obsessed with toilet paper. We usually have a gate across the bathroom door, but every once in awhile I forget and leave it open. When I don't see him for awhile, I can be pretty sure of where to find him (if he's not climbing up the stairs because I accidentally left THAT gate open).

I love that second picture because it looks like he's wiping himself since his diaper is completely hidden. I think that he actually was running around with a poopy diaper at the time, so it was definitely a little bit of wishful thinking. He doesn't usually run around without clothes, but we'd spent the afternoon in the back yard, playing in the water table and he got absolutely soaked.

It's exhausting letting him play outside because he is just enamored with trying to eat rocks. We've got some rocks in our basement window wells which are mostly river rock and too large to fit in his mouth (although he does try). However, there are also a bunch of quartz pieces scattered in there and they fit in his little maw just perfectly. I can always tell when he's got something in there that he shouldn't, because he gets this smug little expression on his face. And as soon as I get up and go in his direction, he tries to run away from me. So far he hasn't swallowed/choked on anything, but it gives me a shot of adrenaline every single time. Ah, the joys of being a parent!

I have been feeling the podcast love this week. I finally got through the entire Moll Flanders audiobook (the whole 17 hours, which I was listening to for Knit the Classics), so I'm catching up on all the podcasts I missed while my iPod was totally occupied with Moll. Of course I love Cast On. Who doesn't? But I've also just finished listening to the first four episodes of Pointy Sticks and I'm totally enamored. I adore the theme song and the Jonathan Coulton songs she plays have nearly had me peeing my pants a couple times. "Come on baby, put the rock in the house" (from his song Curl)? Who could not love a song about curling? Or maybe it's just me, since I've actually curled. But anyway, it's a great podcast.

Listening to Christine made me actually consider starting my own podcast. I even came up with a name - Knittin' Mom's Coffee House. But, in addition to the fact that I absolutely cannot stand the sound of my own voice and don't know how anyone can listen to me talk, ever, I need to realize that I just don't have the time. I am still swatching like crazy, I'm going to be swamped with designs that need to be written up at any moment (or perhaps that's just wishful thinking, since it has yet to happen, although I do have designs that are on the short list at Big Girl Knits 2, Lace Style, Just Socks and Just Gifts as well as a bunch of things in the works for Blue Moon and some subs I just sent off for the upcoming Mag Knits book (which will focus on handpainted yarn and promises to be VERY cool), so my pool of knitters may be quite busy very soon - or not, since even when things seem like they're just about to happen, the end up being delayed somehow). Okay, I think that last sentence was about the worst the English language has ever seen.

Before I wrap this up and get back to work (Bill's sister-in-law is here watching the kids, and I don't need to be paying her to babysit so I can blog, for goodness sake), I wanted to mention that one of our knit-alongers (who I was reading back when the sock-a-month KAL was just a twinkle in my eye) just had her own design published! We commiserated with each other when we both had designs rejected from the Winter '05 Knitty, but Jennifer has since taken The Anticraft by storm with her awesome Henry VIII necklace. You go, girl! Unfortunately her happiness has been tempered by the fact that her poor kitty cat Ashe is in kidney failure. Stop by and show her some love, y'all!


Blogger lexa said...

Kids keep you on your toes! I have my May socks done, two pairs so far. Posted on my blog, along with my interesting episode this morning with Logan!

6:21 PM  
Blogger Erica said...

Hi there! Cute pictures! Looking forward to seeing you again.

2:15 PM  
Blogger ttbookjunkie said...

Your kids are so cute, they always make me smile! :)


9:01 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Thanks for your well wishes for my kitty. We appreciate them. Thanks also for your shout out about Henry VIII!

Sydney's hair is so gorgeous!!! She's such a sweetie, and your son... So cute.

7:59 AM  

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