Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A meme and a new knit-along?

Well, I should be sleeping, but here I am at the keyboard. I am so exhausted and sleep deprived, but for some reason my body won't let me catch up on sleep. I took a two-hour nap with Owen this afternoon while my mother-in-law entertained the girl. I'm regretting it now... Even drugs aren't helping me these days (I can pop Benadryl like candy with no effect whatsoever).

Anyway, in my insomniatic state, I came up with a new knit-along idea. Everybody's doing it, so why shouldn't I (other than the fact that I already spend way too much time at the computer already)? So, here's my idea. Drumroll, please!

Introducing...the Sock-A-Month Knitalong!

See the post below for more details. I separated it from the rest of my blather so that I can link to the rules more easily. I'm really just wasting time until Owen wakes up for his next snack...

Now, on to the meme, which I snagged from Amanda's blog:

The Top Five for 2005
1. New technique: Mattress stitch! My finishing looks so awesome now. I actually like seaming, if you can believe it.

2. Favorite FO: My Conwy socks, which unfortunately were stolen by my mom (I guess they're her favorite FO, too!).

3. Favorite KAL: On The Road Along!

4. Favorite LYS: Do I have to pick just one? I guess I'll go with Close Knit, which just opened but it's only a couple miles from my house and the owner is such a sweetheart (and has awesome taste in yarn).

5. Favorite tool: My Addi Turbos. I'm loving the socks on 2 circs, and the Addis are a big part of that.

Six Goals for 2006

1. Get published in a print magazine.

2. Knit my poor husband the pair of socks he's been begging me for for six months.

3. Finish my TKGA Master Knitter Levels 1 & 2.

4. Design & knit an aran sweater.

5. Host a knit-along (see above).

6. Get some patterns up for sale on my website!


Blogger Jennifer said...

I'm not sure I can keep up with a sock a month! I'll think on it. I'm sorely tempted, though.

6:54 AM  

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