Friday, June 20, 2008


First of all, if you're my mother-in-law, don't read this post until tomorrow. Why?'re having a birthday party tonight, and I wouldn't want to be responsible for ruining any surprises.

Now that TNNA is survived and plans are beginning for the next batch of patterns, I'm overflowing with ideas. When I first started designing, I was worried that I would have trouble coming up with ideas for things to make. I shouldn't have worried - my biggest problem is having enough time and energy to make even a small fraction of my ideas a reality. I guess it's a good problem to have, but it can also be frustrating and make it very hard to focus. I've got yarn for about two dozen different design projects that I've planned out (vaguely, anyway) but I keep finding new inspirations everywhere. Here are a few of the things that are calling to me right now:

You can see my preference for purple rearing its ugly head once again. Those are two skeins of Malabrigo's wool-silk blend, a skein of Casbah sock yarn from Fleece Artist (or is it Handmaiden? I can't remember), some Lorna's Laces Green Line and some Seasilk. I've got ideas for all this yarn, but I'm waffling as to whether I want to make the Casbah into socks or do a lace scarf instead. The Seasilk will definitely be lace, the Malabrigo some kind of hat/mitt or scarf and the Lorna's Laces is destined to be a man's vest (although I have a killer sock idea for it as well). See the problem? There are so many possibilities, how do I narrow it down? I couldn't really tell you why the ideas that have made it to fruition got the necessary attention. They aren't necessarily my favorite ideas, but more a combination of inspiring yarn, timing and the concept happening to pop into my head at the right moment as I'm deciding what to work on next. Someday I will come up with a more organized way of doing things. Really.

I also got this lovely little package in the mail today from Schaeffer:

That's a few lovely skeins of their yarn along with swatching samples of others. Just what I need - more yarn to distract me! I've already got ideas for a couple of the skeins and they just arrived today! Help me.

Finally, here's what I didn't want my MIL to see - a little gift knitting that I did this week.

Those are a pair of my Ballerina Slippers, knit out of a skein of Cascade Pastaza. They're the most perfect shade of bubblegum pink, and they turned out really great - I almost hate to give them away. Of course, they're so quick to make I could easily whip up my own pair (but I have to make Sydney hers first). I modified them slightly to give a bit more toe coverage, which involved knitting flat for about 8 rows before I started the toe instead of starting in on the toe right away. I really hope she likes them!

I'm also making her a poundcake. It has been awhile since I went through my baking kick, but looking through my recipe books today got me all inspired again. I just wish it wasn't so hot to run the oven - we're trying to conserve energy by setting the heat low and the AC high, but I'm very temperature sensitive and get cranky and uncomfortable if I'm not within a couple degrees of 71. It should be a fun summer!


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