Friday, October 12, 2007

Socks & Yarn

We've got both here today, folks! First, the socks. I finally received my Sockapalooza 4 socks this week from Rebecca. They came all the way from Canada, which is not quick these days thanks to the increased border security. Since my legs are dreadfully hairy right now, I'm going to let my plastic foot do the modeling...

They are the Wyvern pattern by Marnie Maclean. I wasn't so sure how the ribbed sole would feel, but it's just fine and the ribbed short-row heel looks muy coolioso.

They look a bit rough because they were immediately put on and worn about town.

I also finished the Snowflake Sock sample for Close Knit. Here are a few views of the finished product (I couldn't get the toe to look right because plastic foot, lovely as she is, doesn't have human-shaped toes on her):

I ended up finishing this sock in just TWO DAYS. I love that very mysterious (and counter-intuitive) tendency of stranded colorwork to go so much faster than regular knitting. Makes me think I should knit a pair for myself! Too bad I've got about thirty more projects to design for TNNA in January (okay, I'm exaggerating, but it sure feels that way), not to mention a very tight-deadline project for next year's Color Style book from Pam Allen/Ann Budd and a sweater for an upcoming book from Donna Druchunas. Speaking of Donna, don't forget to stop by tomorrow for the blog book tour for Ethnic Knitting Discovery. I've got a great interview with Donna lined up and ready to go.

Finally, the yarn. I had to buy some sample yarn for various designs last week, so I decided to finally give in and buy two skeins of Handmaiden that have been taunting me ever since I started working at Dublin Bay.

The brown skein is the wonderful Camelspin (70% silk, 30% camel) in Mineral. The bluish skein is Great Big Sea (50% silk, 30% wool, 20% Seacell) in Glacier. They are both totally scrumptious. The brains behind Handmaiden and her mom, the genius behind Fleece Artist, came to the shop last Monday. They were supposed to be there on Tuesday when I was working and I was so excited to meet them, but plans changed at the last minute and I was stuck at home with a sleeping boy while they were visiting the shop. They brought a giant bag of yarn with them and Tricia bought it all (using the excuse that she didn't want them to have to drag it all home - um, sure thing, hon, you keep telling yourself that...) so there are some great new yarns in the shop that can't be gotten anywhere else. The ladies left me a lovely skein of a new Fleece Artist sock yarn to play with - yay! So much yarn, so little time...

I'm working Dublin Bay's KnitFlix in a couple of weeks (their knit/movie night) and I invited my knitting mommy group to come join me by telling them they could come "pet the Handmaiden". That's great if you know what Handmaiden I'm talking about, but if not, one could wonder what exactly we'd be up to...


Blogger msubulldog said...

I have such a weakness for Fleece Artist! *sigh*

5:49 PM  
Anonymous akabini said...

Dang, girlfriend-
those Snowflake socks are GORGEOUS!

make me want to go have a little lie-down, though, 'cause I'm feeling like a bit of a pattern underachiever!

I want to knit them - and I love that toe!

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Rebecca said...

Oh thank goodness they arrived! I was starting to worry that they'd been lost in the mail!

I'm glad you liked them, and that the foot ribbing isn't uncomfortable, because I worried about that for a while.

1:15 PM  

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