Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New pattern for the new year!

It has been awhile since I've released a new pattern for Gardiner Yarn Works (the book is taking up almost all of my pattern-writing time and energy, along with a couple other little side projects), but I've finally got one for you.

These are the Desmondus Socks (named after the vampire bat, if you were wondering):

There is both a men's version (that's Bill's giant foot and hairy leg there on the right side of the photo) and women's version (the women's has a little lace panel on either side of the foot while the men's is just cables).

Men's close-up:

Women's close-up:

It also has two heel options - linen stitch or heel stitch:

This pattern was designed exclusively for Sandra Singh, and can be purchased either as a pdf pattern or in a kit with the yarn (which is also exclusive to her, from our talented friends at Serendipitous Ewe).

Look at that - two posts for January already. I'm on a roll!


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